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Breaking Bread with the Best in the Business: Boston Supper Club

June 21, 2024
— By
Jamie James
Marketing Women Supper Club

MKTG WMN did a thing back at the beginning of May. (Spoiler alert: it was so successful we’re doing it again in July, and this is your chance to join this time around!).

It all went down at one of Boston’s best restaurants — Row 34.

There, in a private space on their charming heated patio, the spirits flowing and the hors d'oeuvres and culinary creations cooked to perfection, our co-founders joined more than 20 women in marketing to host our community’s first-ever Supper Club.

And they did what women do best: made magic happen.

The event was intentionally small and intimate by design.

The conversations were candid and meaningful.

The food was fabulous.

The vibes were immaculate.

The conversations were some of the best I've had in a long time, and I loved how supportive this community is, how much everyone shared, and how intimate it felt. The event brought together marketers from both B2B and B2C sectors, agencies and corporations, working moms, young professionals, and more who could all relate to the world we live in today as women in marketing.”
Kate Campbell, VP Marketing Communications at York IE

It was such an overwhelming success, we’re doing it again in July - this time in New York.

Women in marketing are craving curated, safe, and intimate in-person events to get everything they need to make an impact and move up in their roles. The supper club also allows us to engage community sponsors in a much more meaningful way.

That’s a huge chunk of what our online community is all about.

This event is open to director-level (and above) marketing women at midsize or larger companies. Below are the dates, costs, and location. Please contact Gabrielle or Natalie to secure your ticket if you’d like to join!

Read on to see more of the good times that were had in May, and get a little taste of what to expect in New York!

Where: iL Buco, New York

When: Wednesday, July 24

Cost: $50/pp

Sponsors: Goldcast (We are incredibly grateful to have our sponsors sign on to help us host another successful event - THANK YOU!)

​​What's in it for you:

  • ​​Top-notch dinner and drinks in il Buco's private wine cellar
  • ​​Networking with leading marketers in the area
  • ​​Female empowerment from our hosts and sponsors

What to Know Before You Go

First of all, our Supper Club events are not your typical networking event.

We’ve all been to the happy hours with 100+ attendees - with an overwhelming number of those being cis white men and women embarrassingly underrepresented. Insert exhausted eye roll.

People (not just women) are tired of:

  • stuffy event venues and conference rooms
  • boring, unimaginative presentations (insert topic about how AI is changing the ever-evolving marketing landscape. Or content landscape. Or product landscape. Or startup landscape. Or the SEO landscape. Blah blah blah
  • lack of diversity, with event line-ups consisting of 90% male “thought leaders”  

This is not that ^^^

MKTG WMN Supper Club meetups thoughtfully reimagine in-person events in an intimate setting.

At these events, you can almost taste the emphasis dedicated to providing ambitious, successful marketing women and leaders a space to have candid conversations, share deeper storylines, and exchange insights.

All over a fantastic and well-thought-out dinner at restaurants with chefs in the top echelon of options each city has to offer.

At our first Supper Club, an incredible group of diverse marketing leaders bonded over an unforgettable culinary experience. It felt like wine-ing and dining with your closest friends.

No topic was off-limits.

We called out the BS “influencer marketing” thought leadership none of our LinkedIn feeds can seem to escape.

We talked about day-to-day challenges in marketing roles, and actionable tips for how to create change for good.  

We shared our experiences navigating the world of marketing during tough world and life transitions. Pandemic, anyone? Motherhood and maternity leave? Family relying on your income? Yep, we got to the heart of it.

Going around the table, everyone agreed on the importance of mentorship and sponsorship in a woman’s career journey.

We discovered we are all dedicated to empowering more women to seek marketing leadership roles, as we all want more women to have a seat at the table.

“I’ve been yearning for a community of passionate, relatable marketers. MKTG WMN and the CMO Supper Club were it!! I learned about so many different journeys and opportunities in marketing. I found a tribe who could relate to my day to day experiences and truffles. This community and event were everything, and I can’t wait until the next one!”
-Valerie Russell, Product Marketing Manager at Omada Health

So, if you’ve been wanting to:

  • Topple the systems that work against women in marketing
  • Broaden your network of badass marketing women
  • Make genuine connections with real people you can relate to, in a smaller, intimate environment
  • Experience a unique event, different from any you’ve ever been to

…then our next Supper Club at iL Buco in New York on July 24th might be the exact inspiration and sign you’ve been waiting for.

The fact of the matter is, that women and nonbinary marketers need allies, mentors, and advocates.

Through genuine, intimate connection, we can share information that we don’t always feel comfortable sharing online. We can empower each other to break through barriers. We can give each other the boost we all need to succeed.

We can begin changing the conversation, and we hope you’ll join us and become a part of that.

​Join women and nonbinary marketing leaders of NYC for an evening of empowerment, networking, and culinary delights at il Buco.